I’m sure we’ve all seen the cartoon of the two diamond miners digging away underground. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, the first miner is working furiously, fast approaching the diamonds in the dirt. The second miner, although further ahead and far closer to the diamonds, has given up hope and turned around, just inches from hitting it rich.

And while the image was designed to encourage us never to give up, there is a striking resemblance to the path of living an exponential life.

In a world where everyone is thinking about 80/20 focus and incremental improvement, there’s a certain magic that comes from thinking (and living) exponentially.

It’s not 10% better, it’s 10x better.

It’s the place where you set impossible goals and come from the place you’re trying to get to.

But here’s why it can be challenging living in the land of 10x.

When you live an exponential life, you never know when things will take off. If you cast your mind back to math class, an exponential curve is one that grows (sometimes frustratingly) slowly over time, and then suddenly shoots up (not unlike the Bitcoin price).

You work hard for years with seemingly no progress at all and it looks like you’re going nowhere when suddenly one small thing falls into place and you’re riding a Tesla amongst the stars.

Looking back, things look flat and uninspiring. Looking ahead, there’s this intimidating mountain to climb.

So how do we navigate this? My approach is simple.

Be ok with where you are on your journey.

Fall in love with the process.

Think bigger than ever before.

Keep focusing on what’s important now.

Rule out any thoughts of giving up.

And know that at any moment, things could suddenly take off.


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