Yesterday I spoke about how when it comes to setting goals, it’s not about the thing we want, but what we think that thing will bring us that we really desire.

I then encouraged you to look for ways to experience that thing already, without needing to first achieve the big goal.

I want to dive a little deeper into that last point by sharing another small distinction.

I was chatting to someone yesterday after he replied to my daily email. He was asking about how to value your time financially when you’re self-employed, and how guys like Tony Robbins can charge a million dollars for coaching.

I shared a quote with him that I recently came across:

“The way you price your services is a reflection of the way you see yourself.”

Let’s focus on that last part – the way you see yourself.

Here’s what I said next:

“As for Tony Robbins, what if premium rates were a place to come FROM rather than a place to get TO? How would you should up differently for your clients if you charged more than anyone else?”

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to entrepreneurship or money.

Think about the thing you’re working towards. How can you use that as a place to come from, rather than a place to get to?

No, this is not some Inception stuff I’m talking about. Let’s take a look at a couple examples.

Maybe you want to lose weight (I would hope your goals are more specific than that!). Instead of seeing a healthy, fit, lean, strong body as a place to get to, what if it was a place to come from? What would a healthy person do during the day? How would they look after their bodies? What would they eat? How often would they go to the gym? What would they NOT do that you’re doing right now?

Or perhaps you want to be a millionaire. What if instead of waiting for someday in the future, you decided to come from that place already? How would you spend your time differently? What would you say no to? How much would you invest? What percentage of your income would you donate? What are millionaires doing that you’re not doing right now (besides sailing private yachts, flying first class or buying their own islands)?

The bottom line is this: When you shift your thinking to come from the place you’re trying to get to, you start showing up completely differently (and achieve your desired results a lot faster). 

Over to you: What is it you’re working towards? How would you show up differently if you were already that person, rather than trying to one day become that person?

Come from the place you’re trying to get to.


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