I was chatting with someone whom I have a lot of respect for yesterday and we were discussing some of our goals and themes for the new year.

While we’ve been following each other on social media for a couple of years, we’ve never connected on a call before, so it was great to be able to deepen our relationship.

At one point, he mentioned to me that the only reason he’d decided to set aside 20 minutes to chat is that he’s seen me put in the work day in, day out for the last 2 years on my podcast, without missing a week.

It reminded me of something a mentor once told me.

You never know who’s watching.

In that moment, I realized the importance of staying consistent, even when you can’t see how things will turn out. This is not a new idea for me, but it’s always worth the reminder.

I’ve shared many times before how the biggest thing separating those who make it (whatever ‘it’ is for them) and those who don’t, is grit – the unshakeable decision that no matter what happens, you’re just not going to quit. That no matter how challenging things get, you’re just not going to give up.

Even the word ‘decide’ itself means to cut off – to literally remove all other possible options.

How would you show up differently if you told yourself that no matter what happens, you would not stop moving forward?

What might you be able to create if you removed any doubt about your ability to make it happen?

Let’s come from that place, as we burn our ships and make our desired impact in the world.


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