Hi, I’m Bryan Teare. I’m a light-hearted, down-to-earth speaker on quarter life topics, simplicity & habits who loves leaving audiences feeling inspired at what’s possible for their lives.

Having started out my career in the corporate world, I was going through the motions as we’re taught to do. Yet I couldn’t help but feel unfulfilled (counting down the hours left to go home is never fun!).

Rather than simply accepting things as they were, I decided to do something about my situation and left the safety of my job to pursue a life that meant something to me (after a brief solo backpacking adventure, of course). I now empower others to create their own Quarter Life Comeback and become the hero of their life’s journey. You can read my full story here.

In all my talks, I like to keep things simple to understand and implement, believing that getting bogged down in technical details only slows action and progress. My audience has described me as easy to relate to, as if speaking to a friend. In this way, I am able to easily get my message across and leave a tangible impact.



I speak on a variety of topics including optimal health, developing positive habits, overcoming perfectionism, personal reinvention, creating a life of meaning and minimalism/simplicity. I am happy to work with you to customize the presentation as needed, however these are the topics I’m focusing on right now:


Setup Your Day for Success

Whatever our goals in life, be it in our health, business or relationships, what we do on a daily basis ultimately determines our long-term success. In this talk, I share strategies for rocking a winning day, every day.


The Choice is Yours

In this talk, I share my story of how I changed careers to pursue a life of meaning, after realizing the standard model of career/life progression didn’t make sense to me. I also cover the concept of The Hero’s Journey to inspire the audience to create their own paths in life.


Live More with Less

Once a self-diagnosed T-shirt addict and collector of “stuff”, I am now a passionate advocate of minimalism and simplifying not just our wardrobes, but our environments as a whole. I share some practical tips for anyone wanting to start decluttering their lives, inside and out.




If you’re interested in having me speak at your next event, you can place a booking by getting in touch with me here to discuss things further.