Yesterday I shared a concept that’s been really helpful for me called ‘Just for Today’. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

The basic idea is that once you’ve set a big goal or vision for your life, you don’t need to focus on the long journey you have ahead and how much effort it’s going to take. You just need to show up for today.

But what happens when we slip up and forget that we just need to hit those daily targets?

Simple. We forgive and recommit.

In an interview I heard with a habits expert, the interviewer asked him what he does when he misses a day. The expert replied: “I make it my #1 priority to do that thing first the next day, before anything else.”

When asked what he does if he misses two days, he replied: “I never miss two days.”

Realize that getting into a pattern of missing (or worse, skipping) your daily habits creates a slippery slope that’s tough to get off of. Get back on track as fast as possible by taking the smallest step you can think of.

If you’ve committed to a meditation practice, sit down for 1 minute.

If you’ve committed to exercising more regularly, drop down for 1 pushup.

Do whatever you need to do to forgive and recommit.

We’re almost at the end of January, which sadly means that many of us would have already fallen short of our goals for the year (myself included). But you have the opportunity, today and every other day, to forgive and recommit to the process. And please, don’t wait for “Monday” or “next month” to do so.

No one can go back to the beginning, but you have the power right now to start over today and write a new ending.

Forgive and recommit.


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