Setting big, “impossible” goals is great for generating motivation, but when it comes to actually sitting down and doing the work, it can become counter-productive.

We see this compelling vision in front of us and feel like we are so far away from turning it into reality that we procrastinate on taking action.

And as we all know, action trumps motivation any day of the week.

I’ve spoken before about navigating this by making your next step stupidly small, but I wanted to share another great tool I learned from a friend and mentor of mine, Jason Goldberg.

It’s call JFT, or Just for Today.

See, the truth is, we don’t need to (and can’t) worry about how far away our goals are or how much we need to do to achieve them.

All we can focus on is today.

If you’re trying to impact a million lives, you don’t need to stress about how many people that really is (!), you need to impact one or two lives just for today.

If you’re trying to get clients and build your business, you don’t need to struggle and make sacrifices for years to come. You need to execute your most important task(s) just for today.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you don’t need to go to the gym for hundreds of days in the months and years to come. You need to exercise and eat right just for today.

Incidentally, Jason knows all about this last example. He experienced an amazing weight loss transformation, but when I asked him about it on our podcast interview, he said that he didn’t lose 130 pounds. He lost 1 pound 130 times.

Just for today.

Where are you stressing about how much you need to do or how long it will take before you achieve your desired impact, goals, and dreams? How can you show up at your best, give it your all, and be the type of person who achieves those things, just for today?


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