If you’ve been following my journey of daily writing, you will know I’m a fan of what I call exponentialism.

The truth is, I’m in love with the idea of putting in the work, showing up consistently, and suddenly experiencing massive breakthroughs as things take off in an exponential upward curve.

But this is not just a theoretical idea. It’s the way I choose to live my life and a vision I believe is possible for the clients I work with.

One small decision has the potential to change your life. Exponentially.

So if this is a way to live your life, how can you create these exponential breakthroughs and not just hold your thumbs and hope they happen somehow?

What I’ve found is that there are three components that were present in all the breakthroughs I’ve experienced myself and seen in others.

Let’s take a look.

3 Steps to Creating Exponential Breakthroughs

Step 1: Create a compelling new vision and focus on it

Everything we see around us once started out as a thought or idea. And in order to experience breakthroughs in any area of your life, you need to have some kind of idea what those breakthroughs look like.

This step is usually triggered by something happening to us, whether that’s catching a glimpse of what’s possible and being inspired to make it happen, or becoming fed up with our current reality and making a promise never to experience it again.

Either way, once you’ve created a new vision that pulls you forward, you need to become obsessed with it and focus on it every day.

Step 2: Take massive action consistently

While a vision and strong desire is a great place to start, inspiration without action means nothing. Once you know what you want and why you want it, you need to commit to putting in the work required to make it a reality.

I’ve often said how the only difference between those who make it and those who don’t is the unwavering decision not to quit, and that means consistently taking action. It’s about failing fast and failing forward. Just make sure you’re taking effective action by knowing what the most important tasks are and ignoring everything else. Busy does not equal progress.

Step 3: Know you’re not alone

Finally, the third component to achieving exponential breakthroughs is acknowledging that we’re not the only ones calling the shots and pulling the strings.

Some call this luck, others God, The Universe, fate, etc. Whatever god or higher power you choose to believe in, there is an element to creating these exponential breakthroughs that is simply beyond our control.

The good news is that if you’re focusing on a compelling vision and taking massive action consistently, this third piece tends to support and reward you greatly in the form of insight, relationships, and opportunities. Just please don’t be the guy who prays to win the lottery but doesn’t buy a ticket!

Get clear on what you want to create and focus on it. Take massive action every day. And have faith that by doing so, doors will open for you where there were only walls.


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