Yesterday I shared how to combine your relationships and skills in a way that can quite frankly change your life. 

I also gave an example of how I’d done so personally with one of my mentors.

But there’s more to that story that I wanted to share to prove that this was not some one-off trick or lucky break.

Back to our story…

Fast forward a few months, and my mentor and I had successfully launched a group coaching program together, as well as some other goodness for his community. In that time, his confidence in me resulted in a shift from an hourly rate to a monthly retainer, and things were going great.

However, just a few months later, he decided to take a bit of a sabbatical from his business to step back and evaluate what direction he wanted to go in next, which meant I no longer had much of a role in the company.

Totally cool, obviously. It was his business, after all.

After a month of doing not very much at all, my wife lovingly suggested that I kinda needed to make something happen.

And so I did. The following month, I decided to revisit my new strategy.

As a recap, here are those steps again:

  1. Find a way to share your ideas with the world.
  2. Reach out to people who inspire you.
  3. Stay on their radar.
  4. Continue to master your craft.
  5. Make it a no brainer.

I was still running my podcast (step 1), so I had grown a pretty sizeable, influential network that I could reach out to (step 2).

However, the difference this time was that instead of simply getting on their radar (step 3), I decided to reach out personally to let them know what I was up to and how I might be able to help with the skills I’d acquired (step 4).

Here’s the exact email I sent (I know you’ve been waiting)…

The Exact Email I Sent to Land a Dream Job with My Favorite Mentor

Subject line: Quick question 🙂


Hope you’re doing really well 🙂 I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to ask a small favor.

I just wrapped up a 9-month contract working with a mentor of mine, helping him run his business online. While I didn’t have a formal job title besides “Right-Hand-Man”, the work encompassed that which would typically be covered by a combination of Operations Manager and Virtual Assistant.

During our time working together, I was responsible for:

  • Website design and management (WordPress and Squarespace)
  • Blog post writing, editing and publishing
  • Graphic design elements
  • Podcast publishing and editing
  • Email marketing (Aweber, Mailchimp and Convertkit but happy to learn others)
  • Customer support
  • Social media management
  • Event planning (an 8-day retreat in Costa Rica)
  • Program launch of a 10-week online course
  • Brainstorming new ideas for marketing, optimizations, program content, etc.
  • Affiliate marketing support
  • Personal support
  • And more 🙂

I found the work really stimulating and engaging, and am now looking to join forces with and support 1 or 2 other coaches, speakers or entrepreneurs in this way.

Do you know of someone (perhaps you?) who is on an inspiring mission and looking to offload the non-coaching/-serving aspects of their business to allow them to focus on what they do best?

If not, no worries 🙂

Thanks again and hopefully talk soon 🙂


It worked. 

I got several responses to the email (which got me even more exposure on their radars) and ended up landing 3 gigs as a result, surpassing what I was earning previously.

One of the mentors I ended up supporting said it was one of the best-written emails he’d ever received.

And, similarly to my previous mentor, one of those 3 roles turned into a full-time position with my favorite mentor as part of his company by adopting the attitude of “I’m gonna make it a no-brainer to keep me on once this initial contract period has come to an end” (step 5).

The important thing to note here is that the key to building these kinds of relationships is adding consistent value and staying front-of-mind before ever reaching out to ask for help. That way, when you eventually do, it becomes a no-brainer for someone to support you.

While I realize these last few posts have been a little different from my usual content, I believe there are valuable lessons available in all experiences.

Even if you never need to find work in this way, you can never go wrong by sharing your ideas with the world, reaching out to people who inspire you, building those relationships, mastering your craft, and adding tremendous value to the people around you.

No matter what the end goal, investing in your relationships and your skills is the best investment you will ever make. You never know quite where they might take you.


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