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Today I’m excited to welcome Talia Pollock to The Quarter Life Comeback podcast.

Talia Pollock is a former stand-up comedian turned health coach, blogger and YouTuber who helps take the hell outta healthy eating.

Growing up, Talia’s dream was to become a writer, but it wasn’t until college that she realised she could write funny things, too. She ended up becoming her school’s humour columnist and later, a stand-up comedian.

But the lifestyle that comes with late-night performances didn’t really fit in with Talia’s desired lifestyle, and her health started to suffer. After receiving no real help from any doctors or medicine, she decided to take her health into her own hands and developed a love for plant-based nutrition.

Talia then decided (and successfully managed) to combine her love of comedy and health to create her health coaching business, Party in My Plants. In doing so, she’s used her funny, infectious personality to add a refreshing twist to the health industry, and we had a lot of fun on the interview.


“Try a lot of new things that you’re finding interesting” (Tweet this)

QLC 042: Combining Multiple Passions into a Career with Talia Pollock | Bryan Teare


  • How to balance a healthy lifestyle with a happy social life
  • A healthier way to drink alcohol
  • The most common health issue in twenty-somethings
  • How to combine your different interests into a career
  • How Talia transitioned from comedy to health coaching
  • The importance of being uniquely YOU


Finally, you can hang out with Talia on the various social media channels below:

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Thanks again for joining me on the show, Talia, and for sharing your story.

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