Back in episode 43, I interviewed spoken word poet Kyle Louw. During our interview, Kyle shared a poem containing these 18 things for quarter lifers to remember. 

When I initially reached out to Kyle, a friend of mine I met through TEDxCape Town, I thought it would be cool to have him share a poem with us on the podcast.

It ended up becoming one of my favorite interviews so far. You can listen to it here.

Anyway, Kyle delivered on his promise of a poem especially for us. You can check it out below:


by Kyle Louw

You will either end up doing something you hate, or hate yourself for not following your dreams.

You will set goals you never get around to because:

“It’s not the right time.”

I just want everything to be perfect.”

There is never a right time, everything isn’t perfect.

You will make promises you cannot keep, you will lose friends.

You will try and make new ones knowing that the word ‘try’ only justifies your failure.

It’s ok to fail, learn from your mistakes.

You will miss the good old days.

You will forget that you were a child once.

You will fall in love.

You will fall out of love more.

You will miss old lovers while inside new ones.

You will question everything you thought you knew for that new honeymoon love.

When you get divorced, you will forget who you were.

You will lose your way, look for it at the bottom of bottles.

Some days breathing will be overrated.

You will feel stuck.

You will close your eyes and despise your life.

You will close your eyes and despise your life.

You will close your eyes and despise your life.

But in the morning, the sun will rise.

You will survive.

(Note: This poem originally appeared here.)


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