In my last post, I shared how I’ve stopped doing my morning routine first thing in the morning and how I recreated it to allow me to work on my main goals, while still making time for self-care.

After experiencing the benefits of doing so, I decided to walk one of my clients through the same process.

He had shared that he felt scattered and that no matter how much it felt like he was doing, it never felt like he was making major progress on the things that mattered most to him.

We started by creating a new weekly schedule, which made time for everything he said was important. This included work goals and commitments, but also things like spending time with his family, going for a run, and working on personal development.

This already got him pretty excited, but I knew the best was yet to come. 

I then walked him through the same morning routine process I described previously, instructing him to focus on his #1 most important task for the day before moving on to the other stuff.

On our next call (and every other one since), my client reported that this one small shift had made a tremendous difference in his creative output and progress towards his goals.

He reported feeling a level of clarity around what to focus on that had previously eluded him.

He had started exercising again and managed to stick to the habit easier than before.

He reported spending more time with his wife and daughter, while still achieving his work targets.

And he shared that he was working less but getting more done, now achieving in 1 hour what previously would have taken him 3 hours.

That, my friends, is how you triple your productivity. 

Get clear on the most important task(s) related to your #1 goal for the next 90 days, then focus on doing it first thing in the morning.

By focusing on less and doing it first, you end up achieving more. Have fun with that.


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