If you’re anything like me, you cringe at the part of a social event (usually the beginning – thanks, Universe!) where someone asks: “So, what do you do?”

There are a few reasons I’d pick this question last if I was the captain of some weird questions sports team.

First, it’s kinda hard to explain what I do. Coaching is not very similar to anything else out there. I speak to people, they get an insight, improve their life, and pay me money (no, it’s not like psychology).

Second, I don’t actually think people really care about the answer, but rather are just attempting to make small talk. I’d much rather engage in ‘big talk’.

Third and finally, I am much more interested in who a person is than what they do. How do they show up? What are they passionate about? What’s exciting in their world right now?

Rather than telling someone what I do, I prefer to give them an experience of my work when it makes sense for both of us. The classic show, don’t tell.

But what if there was a way to show people what you do without them needing to ask the question in the first place?

I’m here to tell you that there is.

In a world drowned out by all the noise on social media, the one and only thing that separates you from everyone else is your story or message. It’s who you are (not what you do).

By sharing your message, story, and interests with others, you give them a view into your world and what’s important to you.

But the benefits of sharing your message extend far further than simply allowing others to know what you’re all about.

Having a positive body of work publicly visible sets you apart in a job interview, pushes out unwanted content on Google, and strengthens your personal brand (something we all have, whether you’re an entrepreneur or not).

Side note: For an eye-opening exercise, Google your name and see what comes up in both the ‘All’ and ‘Images’ category. Unhappy with what shows up? Start sharing more of what you do want to see.

If someone resonates with what you’re trying to create, it gives them an opportunity to reach out and support you and your mission.

And most importantly, regularly sharing your thoughts allows you to learn more about yourself.

As I’ve said before, your passion isn’t out there, it’s in you. It’s not found, it’s created. And that creation comes from sharing regularly and noticing what you start gravitating towards.

So please, start sharing your message.

The next question is how? The answer is however you feel most comfortable and whatever’s going to be the lowest barrier to entry for you. The good news is it’s never been easier to do so.

You could write. This could be a blog, but if that’s too technical for you, you could create a free account on Medium and instantly be exposed to a bigger audience.

You could start a podcast. Mine is an example of how I started sharing my message (and in fact, ‘share your message’ was one of the top 5 lessons I learned from publishing 100 episodes), but if that’s too much work for you, you could use an app like Anchor or SoundCloud.

You could create videos. Maybe this is in the form of a YouTube channel, but if that’s too intimidating, it could simply be live social media broadcasts or stories (although I’d recommend something that lives beyond 24 hours).

Basically, there are no excuses. Find a way that feels super easy for you to share your message with others. And then start sharing. The world is waiting.


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