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Today I’m excited to welcome Ashley Taylor Yannello to The Quarter Life Comeback podcast.

Ashley Taylor Yannello is a speaker and hostess of a daily podcast where she speaks about being real, raw and vulnerable.

Back in her twenties, Ashley packed up her things and headed for New York with $1000. But shortly thereafter, she had all her money stolen, her boyfriend cheated on her and she lost everything. Ashley then had to make the tough decision of moving back to Chicago where she began building back up.

From being rejected for food stamps to sleeping on a yoga mat, Ashley experienced many failures and learned some hard truths along the way. Yet somehow, she still managed to bounce back and find her feet again.

Ashley now believes in tapping into our intuition or gut feeling and being unapologetically real and raw, which we explore in the interview.


“If I’m going to do something, I might as well do it now” (Tweet this)

QLC 039: Turning Failures Into Lessons with Ashley Yannello | Bryan Teare


  • How Ashley lost everything (and bounced back again)
  • The unexpected factor in turning failures into a lesson
  • How to let go of relationships that aren’t serving you
  • How to recognize and trust your gut feeling
  • How to overcome the comparison trap of social media
  • The difference between authenticity and oversharing


Finally, you can hang out with Ashley on the various social media channels below:

Website | TwitterFacebook | Instagram


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Thanks again for joining me on the show, Ashley, and for sharing your story.

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Intro by Daniella Pellegrini | Music Credit: CharlestheFirst – Letting Go


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