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Today I’m excited to welcome Jessica Allossery to The Quarter Life Comeback.

I first met Jess at the Vipassana meditation retreat I attended earlier this year. After returning home, I soon discovered just how awesome she really is!

Having grown up on a farm, Jess went on a 1-year exchange to Brazil before attending college. While there, she decided to teach herself how to play the guitar after being inspired by other indie cover musicians on YouTube.

9 years later, Jess has played in front of international audiences and big corporate clients, has been featured on TV and radio outlets and has a loyal fan base (including millions of views and 30 000+ YouTube subscribers)!

This was a really fun interview and just goes to show that if you love something enough and keep at it, the results are just a matter of time.


“If you love it enough, the fear won’t hold you back” (Tweet this)


QLC 006: Turning Your Dreams Into Reality with Jessica Allossery


  • How Jessica first discovered music
  • The power of consistency and momentum
  • Why you don’t need to have everything figured out before starting
  • The danger of expectations
  • Tips for building a loyal fan base
  • The 3 biggest things she’s learned along the way


As promised in the interview, here are some videos from Jessica’s YouTube channel:

Finally, you can hang out with Jessica on the various social media channels below:

Website | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


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Thanks again for joining me on the show, Jess, and for sharing your story.

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Intro by Daniella Pellegrini | Music Credit: CharlestheFirst – Letting Go


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