I have a confession to make. 

And based on my recent content, it might surprise you.


I don’t love habits.

I don’t love routines.

I don’t love meditating every morning.

I don’t love going to the gym every week.

I don’t love waking up at 5am every day.

I don’t love removing distractions from my environment.

I don’t love focusing on the task at hand.

I don’t love reading a book per week.

And there’s a whole lot of other stuff I don’t love, either.

At least, not all of the time.

In fact, there are times where I’d happily never do some of the things that make up my habits and routines.

But as I’ve mentioned previously, happiness is not the end goal; fulfillment, meaning, and purpose is. And that means that sometimes, we’re gonna have to do things we don’t absolutely love (especially in the moment).

See, once you’ve got clarity on the vision of the life you want to create, you need to figure out who you need to become in order to achieve it, set goals to help you get there, and install habit and routines to put the right actions on autopilot.

Then, it simply comes down to rolling up your sleeves and doing the work.

Remember, it’s not about where you currently are or where you want to go. It’s about whether or not your current habits and routines are moving you in the right direction.

You’re not always going to love what needs to get done. And that’s okay. I certainly don’t create these habits and routines because I love them.

I do it because I know that when I do these things, I operate at my best and increase my chances of hitting my Exponential Breakthrough Point.

And that? Well, that’s an idea I love very much.


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