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  • This was one of the best interviews I’ve ever done. Bryan came with deeply introspective and wise questions to extract my best wisdom so that people can create more fulfilling lives.
    Jacob Sokol Jacob Sokol Life Coach and CEO of Sensophy
  • Bryan is a masterful podcast host and a true seeker of truth and human potential.  My interview with him was one of my favorite yet and he is so gifted at bringing his authentic, fun, high-spirited energy into extracting the best wisdom possible from his guests in service of his listeners.  In a nutshell, Bryan rocks!
    Jason Goldberg Jason Goldberg Author of Prison Break
  • Bryan has the perfect voice to podcast (his only rival is David Attenborough—just listen to him) and asks the right questions: he’s incisive, compassionate and grounded. He tends to twenty-something dilemmas with perspective, weeding out the petty and getting to the heart of what’s actually going on in this volatile time. I highly recommend his podcast!
    Caroline Beaton Caroline Beaton Writer on the pyschology of millennials at work
  • Bryan is a gifted podcaster with a big heart for the twenty-somethings out there. He knows what it feels like to question your life path, and he is determined through his show to help others struggling with the same issues. I know first hand as a guest on Bryan's 'The Quarter Life Comeback' podcast that his enthusiasm permeates everything he does and the quality of his content has genuine value.
    Bailey Richert Bailey Richert Business Coach for Beginning + Budding Infopreneurs
  • Bryan is a change maker who cares deeply about helping others succeed. When you talk to Bryan, you get an immediate sense that he changes lives. His focus on seeing others succeed makes home a great coach and a great human being.
    Doug Stewart Doug Stewart Mentorship Coach, Dale Carnegie Instructor & TEDx Speaker
  • Bryan has this special way of tapping into the heart of a message, story, or movement in such a way that you walk away inspired to take action. I felt so comfortable on our podcast interview and I love what he's doing with The Quarter Life Comeback! Sometimes in the thick of our lives we might feel lost, unsure, and that we're falling behind compared to others--this podcast gives a ray of hope and a welcoming hug to all those who listen reminding them that they're not alone in this journey and that their comeback is right around the corner. He just gets it!
    Amanda Rivera Amanda Rivera Influence and PR coach for millennial coaches
  • I love working with people who are truly passionate about who they aspire to help and are passionate about their craft that they want to help through. Bryan is one of those people. He has a passion for helping twenty-somethings that you feel within the first minute of speaking with him. I'm thankful that he's doing the work he's doing.
    Paul Angone Paul Angone Leading Voice to and for the Millennial Generation
  • Bryan is on a mission to help 20-somethings and you can hear that every week on his podcast. He interviews a wide range of people and I learn something new every time, myself. His thoughtful questions make us all delve a little deeper into our own quarter-life experiences!
    Dr Caitlin Faas Dr Caitlin Faas Psychology Professor and Career Coach
  • Bryan Teare is a talented podcast host, coach, and millennial advocate, and has a real pulse on what the next generation of leaders are looking for. He is dedicated to giving 20-somethings the knowledge, stories, and tactics they need to build lives of purpose and meaning.
    Adam Smiley Poswolsky Adam Smiley Poswolsky Author of The Quarter-Life Breakthrough
  • Bryan's relatable nature provides listeners with advice on how to choose a career path and what to do when they find themselves in a ‘quarter life crisis’. What’s more exciting is that he is South African and helping many people with his bold ideas and simple approaches to life. This podcast will have you conquering those tough career choices and leave you feeling confident and ready to face the world.
    Elle Magazine Elle Magazine


Enter your details below to get started. I'll also throw in a free copy of my ebook "Do You Know You?" featuring 5 self-awareness exercises to help you get clear on who you are, what you want and why you're here.

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Each week I interview various experts, mentors and other inspiring guests to empower quarter lifers to create their own path in life.

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Enter your details below to find out what my guests on The Quarter Life Comeback podcast wish they'd been told in their twenties.

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