Today is my 29th birthday.

And yes, I still got up at 5 am, did my morning routine, and sat down to write.

(Side note: If you’re looking for any excuse not to do your normal morning routine, you’re doing it wrong.)

That said, I didn’t want to spend all morning typing up an article. There’s a gluten-free, vegan, chocolate cake with my name on it for breakfast.

And, it’s important to remember that it’s not about getting every piece of work perfect each time. What matters most is consistency and showing up day after day after day.

So here I am.

Rather than type one of my typical articles, I wanted to share 29 truths I’ve come to learn in my 29 years on this big, beautiful planet. Use what you like, ignore what you don’t, and think about what you would add.


29 Truths on My 29th Birthday

1. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

2. You can’t be angry and grateful at the same time. So live with an attitude of gratitude. But only always.

3. Leadership is not about the title you have but the way you show up moment to moment to moment.

4. Don’t be worried about how long it will take to achieve something. The time will pass anyway.

5. Things almost always take longer to achieve than we think.

6. The moment you quit is the closest you ever were to your goals.

7. Don’t compare your start to someone else’s middle.

8. If you’re not embarrassed by version 1 of what you’re creating, you’ve started too late.

9. Your relationships and your skills are your two most valuable assets.

10. If someone inspires you, it’s because you’ve seen a part of yourself in them that’s begging to come out.

11. Everyone has cracks. That’s how the light gets in.

12. The thing that got you to where you are today is probably the same thing holding you back from the next level of what’s possible for you.

13. Don’t be afraid of letting go of the good to make room for the great. But…

14. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Ready, fire, aim (or even fire, ready, aim).

15. Share your thoughts, message, and story regularly.

16. There are good people in the world who want to help you succeed.

17. The fastest way to get what you want is to help people get what they want.

18. You don’t need to see the whole path in order to get to the final destination.

19. Just get started.

20. Don’t be so fixed to your goals that you overlook amazing opportunities right in front of you.

21. All major goals are just a series of tiny actions executed with discipline and consistency.

22. Success, achievement, and abundance are not places to get to, but places to come from.

23. Even the most successful people in the world experienced fear and self-doubt. They just chose to act anyway.

24. The only difference between those who make it and those who don’t is the unwavering decision that no matter what happens, you’re just not going to quit.

25. By choosing to live to higher standards, there will be people who don’t understand you. That’s okay.

26. Choosing to dedicate your life to a cause bigger than yourself puts you in the vast minority of people. Always remember that you are not weird for doing so.

27. Despite your big goals for the future, all you can (and need to) focus on is executing your most important tasks for today.

28. Your days are your life in miniature. Try to make each one a masterpiece.

29. Life is like a good play at the theatre. What matters is not the length of the show, but how well the characters performed their roles.


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