I have been lucky to have a big list of supportive family members, friends, teachers and mentors in my life. Some of them I have known personally, while others have helped me through their work.

These people have made me the person I am, got me to where I am today and inspire me to keep going in my journey.

For these reasons, I would like to say a big “Thank You”:

Ed Teare

Debbie Teare

Malcolm Teare

Grant Teare

Andrew Teare

Jenny Wallis

Nick van der Touw

Michael Muller

Paul Ballen

David Shields

Judy Love

Dave Boreham

Grant Boreham

Mark Koekemoer

Ant Selley

Jacqueline Du Plessis

Garth High

Daniel Walford

Justin Swart

Dane Bergman

Julian Hayes II

Mike Matthews

Ben Greenfield

Jonathan Goodman

Christopher Walker


Mark Sisson

Abel James

Lewis Howes

Pat Flynn

James Clear

Joel Runyon

Tim Ferriss

Jacob Sokol

Tripp Lanier

Rich Litvin

Scott Dinsmore

Ramit Sethi

Chris Guillebeau

John Lee Dumas

Travis Sherry

Karen Thomson

Prof Tim Noakes

Emily Maguire

Jimmy Moore

Brian Johnson

Mark Manson

Joseph Campbell

Leo Babauta

Joshua Becker

The Minimalists

Dorie Clark

Ian Brodie

Craig Wilkinson

Shannon Pam

Paul Barker

Braam Malherbe

Heath Armstrong

Taryn Littleton

Simon Hurry

Diana Fitts

Jan Broders

Jessica Allossery

Michaela Guzy

Brian Drury

Zephan Blaxberg

Tim Poulton

Caroline Beaton

Ryan Robinson

Joseph Kennedy

Jason Goldberg

Doug Stewart

Brianna Lamberson

Dakin Parker

Matt Trinetti

Doug Stewart

Smiley Poswolsky

Bailey Richert

Matt Kohn

Zac Horvath

Jenny Blake

Charlie Brenneman


Thanks again to the everyone who has influenced my thinking and taught me important lessons over the years. My apologies to anyone I left off. I typically update this list each year.

"I feel closer to my goals, much better about life and less stressed about the future." - Chris, 28



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