Hi there! Thanks for reaching out. I'm all about connecting with other inspiring people. For quick questions, your best option is probably Twitter. Otherwise, if you'd like to stay updated about projects I'm working on, you can subscribe here.


General Inquiries

I love receiving emails from readers, positive feedback as well as constructive criticism. Please note, however, that although I personally read each and every one of them, I'm not always able to reply. With that in mind, please keep any emails short and sweet to increase chances of a response. For general inquiries, meet ups, proposals or joint venture requests, please email:



If you're a reader or listener and want to share some love, I'd love for you to leave a rating and review on iTunes. I read every one and may even read yours live on the show! If you haven't listened to the podcast yet, you can sign up here to catch new episodes when they're released.



I take on a limited amount of one-on-one clients, and typically work for a minimum of 3-6 months at a time. These are people who are ready to start creating their Quarter Life Comeback. If you'd like to find out more, you can go here.



I speak about simplicity, habits/routines, health and creating a meaningful life. If you'd like to book me for your next speaking event, please go here for more info about the type of events I do.



I am happy to do interviews for your podcast, blog, magazine, radio show, etc. if it fits my schedule. If you'd like to setup an interview, please send details of the event by emailing me here.


Sponsorships & Advertising

I am honored that you are interested in partnering with Please note that I like to keep the site free from advertising (I am happy to feature partners on my About Page). However, if you would like to sponsor the podcast, I am happy to discuss that. For more info, please contact me here.



If you are planning a podcast of your own and are looking for some guidance on launch strategy, submission to iTunes & other directories, equipment options or recording tips, I'd love to help out. Alternatively, if you already have a podcast, I can assist with ongoing editing, publishing and show notes for your show. In addition to podcasts, I am also able to provide digital/online strategy, social media marketing, email marketing, copywriting and website design for your brand. If you are interested, shoot me a message here.


Social Media

While I don't spend a lot of time on social media these days, I do love connecting with like-minded people. You can find me at the following accounts: TwitterFacebook | YouTubeInstagram | SnapchatGoogle+ | LinkedIn | Periscope